Celebrity Couple Nameless & Wahu Release New Song “Feeling”

Celebrity Couple Nameless & Wahu Release New Song “Feeling”

Nameless and Wahu, the superstar duo who go under the moniker The MZ are back with another chart-friendly hit.

The couple who have been doing music together since March this year, after decades of being in the industry without any collaboration with each other, are now two collaborations in and with no sign of halting this new streak of collaborative singles.

Their debut collab, Te-Amo was on the receiving end of lots of praise and that may have buoyed the celebrated couple to keep making more music.


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The new release dubbed Feeling is a mellow, stripped down number that sees the two showcase their complementary vocals and diverse musicality. ‘’When the lights are out, and the sun is down, na ni si wawili, napata sijielewi..’’ croons Wahu in the sensual bridge.

The video also marks Nameless’ known directorial debut and is creative to the core. Eagle-eyed viewers will catch a glimpse of the nostalgic ode to the couple’s 2005 wedding regalia and some of it is incorporated in the video: Nameless’ animal skin back piece and Wahu’s headpiece, both very reminiscent features of their famed wedding.

‘Feeling’ is overall a feel-good hit that further cements the couple as Kenyan music staples whose longevity and talent cannot be understated.