Celebrities Who Are Drowning In Poverty

Celebrities Who Are Drowning In Poverty

There are so many stories of rags to riches. Stories of people who were doing so well in life had nothing, then life took a turn, and they became successful in one way or another.

In this life, you never know about tomorrow; things just happen. Several celebrities had the life we all wanted until life took a turn on them. Celebs, too go through things. What has surprised many is some of them publicly ask for help from Kenyans. Here are a few celebrities who are drowning in poverty.

They rocked the entertainment scene before life happened.

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Mr. Nice

If you are a 90s kid, chances are you know Mr. Nice and his hit songs, including fagilia. Between 2000 and 2005, Mr. Nice’s songs were hitting our airwaves. Once artists like Alikiba and Diamond hit the entertainment scene, we started seeing so little of Ali Kiba. Many alleged that he had done enough and is now enjoying his fruits somewhere. However, that was not the case.

Word on the street is that the singer went broke and was asking for help here and there. Radio king Maina Kageni felt bad for him and made a promise to help him. However, we wonder if he ever did. It is said that Mr. Nice is living In Kitengela, and he maintains a low profile from the public eye.


Congestina was the best female boxer. Not just the best, but the best in Africa. Congestina Achieng used to win almost every match. She is famous for her line, watu wakuje mapema, kazi iishe mapema. Here, she meant, people should come early for the boxing match, witness the boxing, and see her win.

In 2011, things changed. Her father once went public and asked well-wishers to help raise money for congestina’s hospital bill. Congestina has been taken to rehab more than once.

She has been admitted to city hospitals before she flew back to her village in Siaya. Congestina’s situation is a sad one. A bubbly and confident girl that we used to see on tv is no longer there.


Omosh’s story is a sad one as well. Growing up, anyone that was on Tv was rich! Omosh’s story is the latest. It made us really re-think about being on TV.

Omosh came out publicly a few months ago and asked for help from Kenyans. Several Kenyans came forward to help him until, just days ago, he came out and asked for help again. Fans were angered by this and told him to go out there and hustle like every Kenyan.