Bridget Achieng’s Nudes Finally Pay Off

Bridget Achieng’s Nudes Finally Pay Off

For a woman who was selling her son’s Instagram handle the other day for some loose change, Bridget Achieng now seems to be doing quite well!

Wondering what the latest on the socialite is? Well, we’ve got all the details.

Apparently, it’s Bridget’s birthday. Can you guess how old she is? No? Okay. So she’s turning 32 on July 15th. And this time around Bridget is letting us know that she’s going to celebrate her birthday in Turkey.


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On Thursday, the socialite took to Instagram to share that she had travelled to Istanbul, Turkey for her birthday after having touched down on Wednesday night.

“32nd birthday in Turkey,” she captioned a video shared on her Instagram stories.

We don’t know about you, but we’re seriously wondering where Bridget got the money to travel for her birthday, especially given the fact that just the other day she was selling her son’s Instagram account for some loose change.

Did she catch some sponsor’s eye especially after her nudes got leaked? Well, if she did, then well on her!

Plus we think she deserves some time to relax especially after all that drama erupted and she had to deal with all that shame.

Meanwhile, a swipe through her Instagram stories reveals that Bridget is not in Turkey for all play. She has invited her followers to send her goodies from Turkey and she will gladly bring them.

About Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng rose to popularity when she featured in the infamous Nairobi Diaries with the likes of Mustapha, Prezzo and Risper Faith.

She then continued to make a name for herself when she came up with Nai Fest, one of the most popular events that Nairobians attend annually. In 2020, Bridget was dragged on social media when it emerged that a teenage boy had died during this event.

The socialite lives a lavish life on social media where she showcases her expensive cars, houses and her trips abroad.

She once broke the internet when she shared a bill she paid with her girlfriends after a night out in South Africa.

She is also known to travel regularly to Nigeria and was once accused of using witchcraft to get riches – something she vehemently denied.

The mother of one was also involved in a scandal where she accused gospel musician, Ringtone of raping her. We are still not sure if the allegations are true since Bridget is yet to take legal action against him.