Boniface Mwangi empathises with Edgar Obare after Wash Wash Expose

Boniface Mwangi empathises with Edgar Obare after Wash Wash Expose

Boniface Mwangi has pretty much set the internet ablaze with a yearning for justice with a video that he posted on his Instagram account addressing Edgar Obare and the account deactivation that was preceded with his expose on the wildly in famed Wash Wash guys.

Boniface took to his Instagram account not just to show his support to the gossip blogger, he had few words of wisdom for Kenyans, pushing for the sense of injustice surrounding the whole situation.

In the post, Boniface basically spoke about the nature of being a Kenyan and the core values that surround surviving in this country. He expressed the fact that in Kenya, good people seemed to get punished way more than wrongdoers, the fact that people that did genuine good for the country were also prevented from earning as much in terms of getting official jobs, he even cited similes as examples such as the time the Israelites picked Barnabas over Jesus Christ when it came to the crucifixion even though Barnabas was a murderer and Jesus was sent to earth to bring the good news.

He revealed the ideologies that to him many Kenyans seemed to have an easier time following, defending and forgiving evil but wealthy people. He also defended Edgar Obare against the people that did not see the value of what he was doing but rained on his parade saying.


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“We need more Edgar Obares in this country and less of the people that give this country a bad reputation.” Adding that we needed better examples for our children, and finishing that we needed to appreciate those who told the truth.

Boniface’s sentiments could be construed as a call for action in the community. For many who are his supporters, what he says rings true because he has literally been in Edgar Obare’s shoes in the past and very few could relate to what they have been going through in a literal sense.

They have both been arrested in the pursuit of truth, sued for ‘nefarious’ behaviour, threatened for revealing information that was meant to be hush hush, and both have even trended on the internet with their fans calling for their release. Boniface also made a point to say that what Edgar did was not wrong in that he just released information and did not create it.

His comments were chock-full of Kenyans that were agreeing with his sentiments, many of them Day 1 supporters. Many of his fans had the agenda of protecting Edgar Obare as a whole, lest we may have failed as a country. Other people expressed that the very fact that Kenyans were stifled from having such views was one of the reasons why our country was so ‘messed up’.

Others gave the opinions that in Kenya, thievery is glorified and that even though nobody supports corruption in a literal sense, we were aiding it by posting funny memes about it. Others saw hope in the future because more and more Kenyans were ready to speak out about the issues facing the country on a fundamental level.


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