Beyonce pours praises on South African rapper Cassper Nyovest

Beyonce pours praises on South African rapper Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest has been receiving his flowers for his success in the South African music industry. It is without a doubt that he is one of the most successful artists in Mzansi, so a shout out from Beyoncé should not surprise us all that much.

Don Billiato, as he calls himself now, got major recognition from Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s foundation BeyGood for his excellent contribution as a black artist in the industry as a whole.

The organisation recognised all the black excellent artists making waves in the music industry and Cassper Nyovest was one of them. So is it safe to say that Cass has earned himself a seat at the Pop Queen’s table?

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“Celebrating the brilliance and creativity of black musicians who have influenced the world through their art,” captioned the foundation. They celebrated Cassper as a Afrobeat and Hip Hop artist.

Cassper’s reaction was “wow” and many have deduced that he was left speechless.

It is without a doubt that Cassper will continue excelling in the industry and get recognised by many more artists. Next week Wednesday he will be releasing his much anticipated album which will be something unusual compared to his previous albums.

This album, Sweet And Short 2.0 is inspired by the ever growing Amapiano genre as the rapper was one of the first artists to dip their toes in the genre.

South African Rapper Cassper Nyovest

Cassper has excelled in the industry, he is the first artist to fill up the Dome with more than 20 000 fans. His second biggest concert was at Orlando stadium which saw more than 40 000 fans coming together. His biggest to date has to be FNB Stadium were 68 000 fans gathered.

Before Beyoncé gave Cass his flowers, social media was debating about who makes more timeless music in the country, and only concluded that he and his nemesis AKA are the only ones who qualify.

Many tried to discredit Cassper’s work saying nobody listens to his old tracks such as Doc Shebeleza and Gusheshe. But Cass would like to disagree.

He responded by saying, nobody makes better timeless music than he does, and that’s on that. “Nobody got a catalog like me. I keep stacking them up. I couldn’t even do a VS cause nobody put in work like me. Nobody plays in Clubs like Cassper Nyovest. Hip Hop classics, Piano, Afrobeat. They can make all the noise here on Twitter, you’ll never remove me from their hearts.”

Not only is Cassper dropping his album next week, but in the next 2 weeks, his first collaboration with Drip’s Lekau will drop. Cass said he and Lekau have been working on this for 2 years now, “#RootOfFame collection launching next week. Can’t wait to share what me and Lekua have been working on for almost 2 years now.”