Ben Pol Finally Replaces Anerlisa Muigai

Ben Pol Finally Replaces Anerlisa Muigai

Popular and loveable Tanzanian singer and songwriter, Ben Pol has finally found a replacement for his ex-girlfriend, Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai and is not afraid to show it. The singer seems happy with life right now and wants everyone to know. He has made it clear that he has moved on.

Ben Pol, real names Benard Paul Mnyang’anga and Anerlisa Muigai got married in May last year and in less than a year, they had already divorced. None of them released the reasons as to why they chose to go separate ways, but they just simply announced the end of their marriage. All we got from Anerlisa Muigai on this was,

“I am a person who likes to protect my image, and all I know is that I like being respected, and any husband should do the same to their wife.”

The two have since been quiet about their love lives, sharing very little with the public through their social media pages. That is until today. Just months after the two divorced, Ben Pol earlier today took to his social media account to reveal the latest development in his life. Ben Pol has officially announced that he has moved on and has found another lover.

He took to his social media account and posted a picture of him and his new girlfriend and I have to say that they actually look really good together. Plus Ben Pol seems to be really happy. In the picture, the two are enjoying a good game of cards and this seems to be a message to someone or everyone. The message is very clear. He has moved on and he is happy with life at the moment.

Ben Pol has not been sharing much about his music lately, or anything at all for that matter. So this comes as a shocker that from nowhere, he would pop up with this picture announcing his new girlfriend. This must be a very huge moment in his life to be so quick to share it with the public.

Anerlisa Muigai on the other hand has been mum about everything concerning her personal life. The only thing that she has been speaking about publicly is her sister’s unfortunate death and the fact that she still believes that justice has not yet been served. She claims that her sister, Tecra Muigai did not fall to her death, but was actually brutally murdered.

“By the way shit I’ll never get over is my sister’s death because I am sure VERY SURE she DID NOT fall on the staircase. One thing people are not aware of is that she was broken the hardest bone in a human body. That bone can only be broken by 2 things. 1.Serious car accident. 2.Somebody using an object on you,” she said through social media.

She seemed to be very convinced about this because she went on to add,

“My sister was very sober and even if she was drunk, she was very aware of what was happening. She never got to the point where she was unconscious. So to go straight to the point, MY SISTER WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED!!! PERIOD!”

And now she will have to start dealing with Ben Pol moving on too? These are very difficult times for the young businesswoman.