Avril refused to do a collabo with me – Mr Seed Speaks

Avril refused to do a collabo with me – Mr Seed Speaks

You know when it comes to musicians working together especially Kenyan musicians there will always be a long red tape that one has to follow for them to just get a single verse from a fellow musician and this is always rampant among well-established acts.

A good example is when Gengetone group, Ethic wanted to feature Octopizzo on their album and they both never got to an understanding that came along with social media rants and back and forth from the artists.

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Now, this could be the case of a new artist trying to get an already established artist’s attention but it shouldn’t be the case when both established want to join forces and produce a jam together because at the end of the day it is always business as usual.

We had earlier on highlighted on the factors to consider before working on a collaboration as a musician and one factor remained constant that each party MUST be able to contribute a unique element. It is also clear that one reason for collaborating is to exchange audience and connections for the betterment of both parties.

In an interview with internet sensation Mungai Eve, gospel singer Mr. Seed has opened up on how Avril refused to work with him on the song “Ndoa” even after he sent him the song forcing him to go for Kate Actress.

It is reported that Avril would later avoid Mr Seed and give excuses of her working on her album at that time.

Mr. Seed is currently getting ready to release a new album.

Watch the album trailer below:

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