Attending Sandra Dacha’s Birthday Party? She is Charging Sh31,000 Entry Fee

Attending Sandra Dacha’s Birthday Party? She is Charging Sh31,000 Entry Fee

Former Auntie Boss actress Sandra Dacha, alias Silprosa is turning 31 years old this month. The social media sensation is looking to throw a lavish birthday party for herself with all her willing fans and friends present to mark her big day.

However, the renowned actress has announced that each attendee will have to part with Sh31,000 as an entrance fee to gain access to the birthday party.

A good number of Sandra’s die-hard fans took to her comments section to assure her of their attendance as other online users complained of the expensive entry charges.

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Throwing a birthday party and asking attendees to pay for their entrance is slowly becoming a norm among celebrities.

Sometime last year, celebrated radio presenter Alex Mwakideu was said to have charged Sh40,000 as an entrance fee for his 40th birthday celebrations.

One of his closest friends and former radio co-host comedian Jalang’o announced the news via his social media, urging fans to attend.

“My brother Alex Mwakideu turns forty this Friday! Are you invited? 4 pm to 4 am, forty friends, fourth-floor club, 40k entry! This Friday it will be chaos! Happy birthday bro in advance!” wrote popular entertainer Jalang’o.

Netizens quickly reacted to the lavish party, with some expressing shock and humorously mocking the entry fee.

“Hapa tunaingia ki-DCI kama kwa Echesa,” wrote a user identified only as Emmanuel, comparing the exclusive party to the raiding of the former cabinet secretary’s home by police officers.

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“Niko hapa nyuma ya tent,” wrote Walter Saint, ridiculing the inaccessibility of the high-end event.

“40K is enough for my dowry,” wrote Dickens Kerry.

A few weeks after marking his special day, Alex revealed that the birthday celebration poster was a joke by his friends. The Milele FM radio presenter assured his fans that none of his friends paid the Sh40,000.

The media personality instead celebrated his birthday in Amboseli with his close friends and family.

“This year I turned 40, I had big plans for the party. I did not ask people to pay 40k, those are just jokes. I did not post the poster, my friends started the whole thing on social media. I was in Amboseli with my friends,” he said.