Artists who have denied pregnancy accusations

Artists who have denied pregnancy accusations

The cold season is here and what it demands is either a warm jacket and blankets or a human blanket. Talking about human blankets, the temptations of the kabaridi are high, and the chances of getting a kid are high.

Well, the problem is it a planned kid or Bahati mbaya? Ukijipata umeslide kwa unexpected relationship just don’t get pregnant yet. Apparently, kids don’t keep men, lol.

Now these male celebrities have found themselves having unplanned pregnancies na wakaruka.

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For the longest time, the controversial gospel artist Ringtone has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, including being involved in pregnancy denial scandals. There is a time a lady accused him of forcing her to abort because apparently, it was not his kid. But it seemed like the lady by the name Angel decided to keep the pregnancy, and after birth, social media in-laws observe a striking resemblance between the child and Ringtone.

Just recently as well, a girl asked for the help of social media in reaching out to Ringtone because apparently, Ringtone alimpa ball, and he was no longer receiving her calls. According to the lady, her desperation to getting a job which Ringtone had promised to give her after engaging sexually.

Well, tuko hapa, we’ll wait and see if these allegations are true or not.

Kabi wa Jesus
Now drama dawned at the Wajesus family when issue ya Abigail came to the limelight. Well, Kabi literally cried at one of their vlogs, akikana. Akaambia wakenya ati he is saved, and the lady in question is her cousin, so literally, wachana na hizi enzi zetu sex between family members was punishable.

So thanks to science, the DNA tests zilikuja positive, meaning he actually fathered Abi. In his defense, again akasema that what happened between him and Abi’s mum happened way before he got saved.

Karibu Kanairo karibu Kenya!

Pozee Willy Paul
Pozee has been in the headlines for a few controversies, with the latest one claiming that Size 8 blocked him on Instagram and that the woman of God does not pick her calls. Is it true ama ni publicity for a project underway? We will find out.

Anyway, a lady Charlene Leila, once mulikad Willy claiming that she was heavily pregnant for the artist who was acting all distanced and was cold. It was known that the then 19-year-old had been dating Willy, but he denied the allegations.

Pozee recently gushed over her mzungu baby mama, saying if angereverse time, she would be the mother to all his kids.