Akothee’s Sister’s Nomination As MCA Sparks Huge Debate

Akothee’s Sister’s Nomination As MCA Sparks Huge Debate

The younger sister of controversial Kenyan songstress Akothee, Elseba Awour Kokeyo, popularly known as Cebbie Koks, has responded after some netizens lambasted the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) for submitting her name for nomination as Migori Member of County Assembly (MCA).

In a series of posts on Instagram, Cebbie, who was appointed the Global Peace County Ambassador for Migori County in October 2020, wondered why people were spewing hate against her yet she has not even begun working at the county assembly.

She divulged that she is proud of her achievements despite all the negative things that people have been saying about her since she was proposed for nomination and urged people to stand up for themselves because nobody will.

Further, Cebbie noted that no woman has made it without being slut shamed or having their achievements downplayed because of their gender.

However, she was happy that she looked good in the picture that her critics were using to troll her. According to Cebbie, people should always aim to look good so that their haters can use good photos when spewing hate against them.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but clean up and take good pictures so that when they are trolling you, they can use them at least. Hio picha yangu mmetumia pia imenijenga. Weh! I am truly your boyfriend’s favourite,” she wrote.

Notably, Cebbie’s nomination to the county assembly elicited mixed reactions from social media users. While some lauded the move, others vehemently opposed it and cited their reasons for doing so.

A good number, presumably her fans, congratulated her for the nomination and stated that it was a step in the right direction for young people who are keen on changing people’s lives through politics.

City lawyer Steve Ogolla, who is alleged to be her boyfriend, was at the forefront of those who were congratulating her. He described her as a charismatic and energetic youth leader and recognized her ability and capacity to mobilize.

However, according to Cebbie’s critics, she has not done anything in the county that is deserving of a nomination to the county assembly. Many opined that she was proposed because her sister is well known and might have given out some money.

Others even alleged that she earned the slot because she has been sleeping around with influential politicians from the county, particularly a former MP who is now eyeing the gubernatorial seat.

Interestingly, others were unhappy about the move because Cebbie comes from a wealthy family and the slot should have gone to someone from a poor background.

According to them, her nomination by ODM was an excellent example of adding wealth to wealth which should not be the case.