Afropop star Phreeborn debuts “Aphro Love” EP — Hit or miss?

Afropop star Phreeborn debuts “Aphro Love” EP — Hit or miss?

The Nigerian culture, sound, and energy have been put on display multiple times for the world to enjoy in the last few years, making it the best time for afrobeat and Nigerian Music in general.

Young, talented and creative artistes now have a much bigger platform and audience to cater to since the bigger artiste are pushing the Nigerian Music and ideology into the foreign grounds.

Fast-rising pop artist known as Phreeborn is blessed with spirit-lifting songs.

Phreeborn has always been described as persevere, a resolute, dedicated, focused and hardworking artiste that doesn’t stop until his dreams are achieved. His consistency and drive can be seen as one of the factors that are rapidly paving way for him.

This is coupled with the diversity in afro-fusion and pop that is considered a unique feature that has seen is rise to the top.

Phreeborn is gradually getting the industry’s attention with the release of catchy Afro tunes that is apparently hard to ignore for example a song he released in titled “Cubana” – a song that celebrates and talks about living a fulfiled and desired life.

It can be seen that the exciting and artistry side of Phreeborn promises to win the heart of lovers of African music in Nigeria and beyond as he delivers his sound with infectious harmonies and rhythm, relatable lines that are sure to evoke sing-alongs, just as the Nigerian audience love their pop music.

The singer can be seen making positive turns on his cause to become a mainstay in the industry, he has collaborated with Chidimania on a song titled One Call released on the 19th of April 2020.

The Delta-indigene is showing a great sign of readiness to put his type of music on the map to also become the future of the music industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Phreeborn claims to have a lot to offer while citing his multilingual ability and versatility as what sets him apart from the crowd. His latest banger “Urban Cruise” is still enjoying massive airplay.

Aphro Love EP is now available on BoomPlay
Aphro Love